• SEC Adopts New Rule to Allow All Issuers to “Test-the-Waters”SEC Adopts New Rule to Allow All Issuers to “Test-the-Waters”
    Under the new rule, all issuers will be allowed to gauge market interest in a possible initial public offering or other registered securities offering through discussions with certain institutional investors prior to, or following, the filing of a registration statement.
  • Sam Adams Joins 360 Sports Pro Athlete AcceleratorSam Adams Joins 360 Sports Pro Athlete Accelerator
    Two time Superbowl participant and NFL All Star Joins the Accelerator
  • 360 Sports Announce Partnership with Desmond Clark360 Sports Announce Partnership with Desmond Clark
    360 Sports is proud to announce the partnership with Desmond Darice Clark
  • Diversified Investment Portfolio That includes Stadiums
    $5 million of the $75 million fund dedicated to building sports complexes in local communities.
  • The Solution To Professional Athlete Bankruptcy
    No athlete left behind. These services are offered to any professional athlete at any stage of their career. Pre Draft Athletes are at their most vulnerable. Often taking predatory pre draft loans.  Our system offers solutions designed to protect an athletes wealth. Business Instead of paying commissions and retainer fees…
  • Family Office Article
    I help family offices and banks solve strategy problems and innovate. Treat all active and retired pros as ultra-high net worth individuals who require unique services and higher levels of sophistication and expertise without having to be afforded by actual family offices.   Independence Each athlete company is offering independent…
  • Regulation D 506 (c)Regulation D 506 (c)
    Our relationships with family office investors, institutions and other accredited investors gives us a head start in securing site control and acquisitions of athlete owned projects.
  • Private EquityPrivate Equity
    360 Sports Capital division assists in preparing private equity raises for athletes and organizations.
  • Corporate EventsCorporate Events
    360 Sports Travel supports athletes and their families with discount travel services for most types of travel. Corporate Events Sports Events Team Travel Family and Vacation Become a client to to use our concierge services.
  • How Much Does Individual Health Insurance Cost?
    Individual and Family Updated on November 18, 2019 Share According to eHealth, the average of an individual health insurance plan is $440 for an individual and $1,168 for a family. How much does individual health insurance cost per month? Individual health insurance is health insurance that you purchase on your own…