An offering statement pursuant to Regulation A relating to these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Information contained in this preliminary offering circular is subject to completion or amendment. These securities may not be sold nor may offers to buy be accepted before the offering statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission is qualified. This preliminary offering circular shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy nor may there be any sales of these securities in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful before registration or qualification under the laws of any such state. We may elect to satisfy our obligation to deliver a final offering circular by sending you a notice within two business days after the completion of our sale to you that contains the URL where the offering circular may be obtained.




Preliminary Offering Circular

July 13, 2021

Subject to Completion




61,050 Class A ordinary shares

Representing Class A Limited Liability Company Interests


$1,221,000 Maximum Offering Amount


Masterworks 060, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company formed to facilitate an investment in a single work of art created by Chu Teh-Chun in 1989, entitled “Atmosphère Hivernale” (the “Painting”). We believe that, for many investors, our Class A shares represent an effective means to gain economic exposure to the Painting and, by extension, to the fine art market.


We are offering up to $1,221,000 of our Class A shares representing Class A limited liability company interests, at an offering price of $20.00 per Class A share in a “Tier 2” offering under Regulation A (the “Offering”). We expect to offer Class A shares in this Offering until we raise the maximum amount being offered. The maximum offering period is 24 months from the date of commencement, but we reserve the right to terminate this Offering for any reason at any time prior to the initial closing. Subscriptions will be accepted on a rolling basis and the initial closing of the Offering and the final closing of the Offering will occur on a date or dates determined by the Company in its discretion. This Offering will commence on the date this Offering is qualified by the SEC. If any of the Class A shares offered remain unsold as of the final closing, such Class A shares shall be issued to Masterworks, in full satisfaction of its advance and the true-up as described in this Offering Circular. There is no minimum number of Class A shares or dollar amount that needs to be sold as a condition of any closing of this Offering. Subscriptions, once received, are irrevocable by investors but can be rejected by us.


This Offering is being conducted on a “best efforts” basis, which means that there is no guarantee that any minimum amount will be sold through our underwriter, Independent Brokerage Solutions LLC (“IndieBrokers” or the “Underwriter”), a Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) registered broker-dealer, and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and Securities Investors Protection Corporation (“SIPC”). See “Plan of Distribution” in this Offering Circular.


Our affiliate, LLC owns an online investment platform located at (the “Masterworks Platform”) that allows investors to acquire ownership of an interest in special purpose companies that invest in distinct artworks or a collection of artworks. Once an investor establishes a user profile on the Masterworks Platform, they can browse and screen potential artwork investments, view details of an investment and sign contractual documents online.



We do not currently intend to list the Class A shares for trading on a national securities exchange. We intend to facilitate secondary sales of Class A shares on a bulletin board platform at, referred to as the Masterworks “Secondary Market,” commencing on or after the three-month anniversary of the final closing of this Offering. No assurance can be given that the Secondary Market will provide an effective means of selling your Class A shares or that the price at which any Class A shares are sold through the Secondary Market will be reflective of the fair value of the Class A shares or the Painting.


No sales of Class A shares will be made prior to the qualification of the Offering Statement by the SEC. All Class A shares will be offered in all jurisdictions at the same price that is set forth in this offering circular.


Class A shares
Offered by Us
  Number of
Class A
    Price to
    Underwriting Discounts and Commissions (1)     Proceeds, Before Expenses, to
Us (2)
Per Class A share:     1     $ 20.00     $ 0.00     $ 20.00  
Total (3)     61,050     $ 1,221,000     $          0.00     $ 1,221,000  


  (1) We have engaged IndieBrokers as the Underwriter in connection with this Offering. IndieBrokers may engage other broker-dealers to assist us in finding potential investors. IndieBrokers will receive certain fees and commissions and expense reimbursements from Masterworks in respect of its activities, but no commissions, fees or expense reimbursements of IndieBrokers shall be paid by the Company or from the proceeds of this Offering. The maximum amount of underwriting compensation payable to IndieBrokers in connection with this offering shall not exceed approximately 4.08% of the gross offering proceeds if the maximum offering is sold. IndieBrokers is acting solely on a “best efforts” basis and will not acquire or sell any Class A shares for its own account. The Company intends to distribute the Offering through the Masterworks Platform. See the section entitled Plan of Distribution” beginning on page 28 of this offering circular for additional information.
  (2) This amount does not include underwriting compensation, including maximum fees and commissions payable to IndieBrokers and estimated offering expenses in an aggregate amount of approximately $59,770, all of which will be paid by Masterworks rather than from the net proceeds of the Offering.
  (3) Assumes that the maximum aggregate offering amount of $1,221,000 is received by us.


The Class A shares are to be offered on a “best efforts” basis primarily through the Masterworks Platform. The Company is not offering, and does not anticipate selling, Class A shares in any state where IndieBrokers is not registered as a broker-dealer.


Generally, no sale may be made to you in this Offering if the aggregate purchase price you pay is more than 10% of the greater of your annual income or net worth. Different rules apply to accredited investors and non-natural persons. Before making any representation that your investment does not exceed applicable thresholds, we encourage you to review Rule 251(d)(2)(i)(C) of Regulation A. For general information on investing, we encourage you to refer to We retain complete discretion to determine that subscribers are “qualified purchasers” (as defined in Regulation A under the Securities Act) in reliance on the information and representations provided to us regarding their financial situation.


An investment in the Class A shares is subject to certain risks and should be made only by persons or entities able to bear the risk of and to withstand the total loss of their investment. Prospective investors should carefully consider and review the information under the heading “Risk Factors” beginning on page 10.


The SEC does not pass upon the merits of or give its approval to any securities offered or the terms of the Offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering circular or other solicitation materials. These securities are offered pursuant to an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”); however, the SEC has not made an independent determination that the securities offered are exempt from registration.


We expect that our operations will not cause us to meet the definition of an “investment company” under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “1940 Act”), because (1) at all times our sole assets will consist only of cash and a single work of art referred to herein as the “Painting,” neither of which is deemed to be a “security” for purposes of the 1940 Act, and (2) at all times we will not be engaged primarily in owning, holding, investing or trading in “securities” (as such term is used for purposes of the 1940 Act).


This offering circular is part of an offering statement that we filed with the SEC, using a continuous offering process pursuant to Rule 251(d)(3) of Regulation A, meaning that while the offering of securities is continuous, active sales of securities may happen sporadically over the term of the offering. Further, the acceptance of subscriptions, whether via the Masterworks Platform or otherwise, may be briefly paused at times to allow us to effectively and accurately process and settle subscriptions that have been received. Periodically, we will provide an offering circular supplement that may add, update or change information contained in this offering circular. Any statement that we make in this offering circular will be modified or superseded by any inconsistent statement made by us in a subsequent offering circular supplement. The offering statement we filed with the SEC includes exhibits that provide more detailed descriptions of the matters discussed in this offering circular. You should read this offering circular and the related exhibits filed with the SEC and any offering circular supplement, together with additional information contained in our annual reports, semi-annual reports and other reports and information statements that we will file periodically with the SEC. See the section entitled “Where You Can Find More Information” below for more details.


Our principal office is located at 497 Broome Street, New York, New York 10013 and our phone number is (203) 518-5172. Our corporate website address is located at Information contained on, or accessible through, the website is not a part of, and is not incorporated by reference into, this offering circular.


This offering circular is following the offering circular format described in Part II of Form 1-A.



The date of this offering circular is ______, 2021.